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You have taken the first step to controlling your mailbox. Continue with these other services we recommend:

This Do Not Mail list is most widely used by the direct marketing association.

A non-profit that takes your name off catalog lists. Over a million consumers are using the service.

Takes your name off the credit reporting lists that credit card and insurance companies use.

Think there should be a national Do Not Mail Registry similar to the Do Not Call Registry? Add your name to this petition run by the Forest Ethics Committee.

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_Kechups Tired of getting junk mail? http://t.co/YkRjzEeEBB via @9GAG

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gjpaterson @richardbranson Do me a favour, get Virgin Media to stop bombarding me with crap junk mail, I don't want your fucking broadband

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_HughBris Mother-in-law gave kids' names/info to National Geographic mag sub & then kids start getting "age appropriate" junk mail. You stink Nat Geo.

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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

The Voice from Catalog Choice Gets Personal

Each week, Unjunk Mail invites an expert to help educate us about the junk mail issue. We’ll be hearing from environmentalists, privacy pros, and direct marketing gurus.  This week, April Smith from Catalog Choice chimes into the conversation.

HeadshotI confess, I’m a catalog shopper.  As a busy working mother living in rural Vermont, I rely on catalogs for a significant portion of my personal and gift shopping.  By my bedside, in addition to a good book or two, there’s always a favorite catalog awaiting a quiet moment for my perusal:  White Flower Farm, Garnet Hill, Sundance, Athleta, Crate & Barrel.  Surfing the internet is no replacement:  Work done, my child asleep, and I have time to relax with a cup of tea and my favorite catalogs.  I’m transported. One girl’s “junk mail” is another girl’s treasure.

But, Buyer Beware.  For years, my mailbox was also stuffed with catalogs I didn’t want.  Who reads all that fine print buried in a mailer’s privacy policy?  “We do make our mailing list available to carefully screened companies whose products or services might interest you.” Before you could say “Sundance Big Sky Cowboy Hat,” I was literally knee-deep in catalogs, and they kept on coming.

Read more.

What Do With Junk Mail: Give It Back To the Earth

hands_in_compost Junk mail is a nuisance that wastes both your time and the planet’s resources. However, if your mailbox is overflowing with junk, there is a way to do something constructive with all of that paper. Compost it! By composting junk mail, you are putting nutrients back into the soil, where they can be used to nourish flowers, vegetables and other garden plants.

Composting is not hard, all you need is the right balance of air, organic materials and moisture, and nature will do the rest. Junk mail can serve an important purpose in your compost pile because it is a “brown” or dry, woody material. That means it balances out “green” materials like kitchen scraps and coffee grounds, keeping your compost heap from turning into a slimy mess.

Read more.

Get Your Free Stickers: It’s Time to Junk the Junk Mailers

Junkd It’s freaking hard to stop junk mail.

Unjunkmail.com is trying to make it easier for you. Our filter connects with you the most effective do not mail lists out there. But it may take a little while for the junk to decrease.

So here’s our answer to your immediate junk mail problem:

The first 1,500 people to sign up for unjunk mail’s filter will receive free “return to sender stickers”. Slap the stickers on your junk mail, put the envelopes back in your mailbox, and one of two things will happen:

1.)    If the junk was sent first class: the mail will be returned to the sender, and the sender will have to pay for the postage.
2.)    If the junk wasn’t sent first class: You postal carrier should pick up the mail and recycle it thanks to the Unites States Postal Service’s green initiative.

So sign up for our filter, get your free stickers, and unjunk your life.

A Quick Review of Our Favorite Do Not Mail Lists

Want to get the junk out of your mailbox so that you can start enjoying your mail again? Check out the filter in the right column.

Want to find a way to get yourself removed from all of those pesky junk mail lists that you receive by the handful every day? Well look no further, as Unjunkmail provides you with the three best ways to remove yourself from most major forms of junk mailing. Even better is that we will get you out of the three major categories, being bulk mail, catalogues, and credit card companies. Listed bellows are the sites, how they work, and why you should use them!
1) OptOut Prescreen- This is the site to go to if you want yourself removed from the four major mailers of the credit card companies. Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion are the mailers responsible for sending you the numerous preapproved credit cards you receive by mail every year, and removing yourself from these companies’ lists is only a click away. The website listed above gives you three options – 1) Opt-In meaning that you will allow your name to be on the lists because you want to receive the offers these companies have 2) Opt-Out for a term of five years 3) Opt-Out permanently meaning that they will never mail you again. While this won’t remove you from every single credit card offer, it is important for you to sign up for this service if you don’t want these credit card offers. In a recent study, it was found that it has become increasingly popular for identity thefts to take place when someone takes the information about you, which these companies put into the preapproved credit card mail. Signing up for this service is easy, and it is also necessary to stop junk mail, and identity theft.
2) DMA Choice – This site works in similar fashion to unjunkmail, in that it allows the consumer to select the mail they want, and the mail they don’t want. A recent movement has inspired some mailers to finally pay more attention to the wants of the consumers instead of the corporations. That is why in coming months you will most likely see a new directive on all fronts to ask the consumer what offers they want to receive. By signing up for this site you can greatly reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail you receive every day, and finally get the mail you want.
3) Catalogue Choice – This is another useful site, which allows you to opt out of receiving catalogues in the mail. Again this will not totally eliminate all the junk catalogues you receive, but it will certainly help. A cool aspect of this site is that it allows you to go green, and receive news via email, or to shop with some cool digital tools. Companies like this one are helping to make the consumer world easier, and more environmentally friendly, and this is something that we should all aspire to do as well. By the way this service is free so there is no reason not to sign up! Get the mail you want, and say goodbye to the mail you don’t.

The last step of unjunk mail’s filter connects you with the three best ways to eliminate the major sources of junk mail. We reviewed all the free Do Not Mail lists out there and selected the three most effective. Adding your name to these Do Not Mail lists will help reduce junk mail in three major categories: bulk mail, catalogs, and credit card companies. Listed below are the sites, how they work, and reasons to use them!

Read more.

Get Creative with Your Junk


And the junk mail innovator prize goes to…

Eco-friendly artist Sandy Schimmel uses junk mail and other advertising waste to create bright, colorful, yes beautiful mosaics. She transforms waste into the sacred and then sells it for thousands. Not too shabby.

What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done with your junk mail?

Junk Mail and Identity Theft

Identity Theft2

Identity theft is a problem that just won’t go away.  New online technologies seem to come with new avenues for identity thieves to steal your personal information.  But one of the most common ways to steal an identity is via traditional junk snail mail. Direct mail companies send out hundreds of letters to you every year, and sometimes these letters have valuable information in them.

Read more.

All Fired Up About Junk Mail!

A lot of people have been writing, debating, and fighting about junk mail for a while now. Here are some of our favorite conversations between direct mailers, environmental activists, consumers who hate getting spam in their mail boxes and consumers who drool over deals. Enjoy…

Junk Mail’s Endless Summer, The Huffington Post: Todd Paglia, the Executive Director of Forest Ethics sounds off on the issue of direct mail. The commenters go wild…

Reducing The Junk-Mail Footprint, The New York Times: The Green, Inc. blog reports on how much paper the direct mail industry uses each year and its effect on our environment.

Post Man Gets Probation For Burying Junk Mail in His Back Yard, Consumerist: For years a mailman stashed junk mail in his back yard instead of delivering it. Most commenters agree he should have received a medal.

Read more.

Direct Mail Junks Up the Environment

Mail Pile2

Not only is junk mail a complete annoyance, it’s bad for the environment too. Why should we sacrifice our precious trees, energy, and ozone to create something that many people don’t even want in the first place? Marketers can argue that direct mail is a successful advertising tactic, and that it ‘s more cost effective than both T.V. adds and radio adds, but the truth is that 44% of all direct mail gets sent to the dump unopened.
When 4 million tons of direct mail are sent to the dump every year, we need to ask ourselves can we be doing something better. There are stats that show that day-to-day activities like driving a car, heating a house, or even taking a shower, impact the environment more than direct mail. However, the fact is that waste is abundant in the direct mail business, and when the future of our planet is at stake no precaution is too big or too small.
Here are some other interesting facts we found about junk mail and the environment on the web:
The average amount of mail that an American receives every year is 41 pounds, which equals to a carbon footprint of about 105 pounds.
Even though all the trees that are cut down for the production of direct mail are replaced, there are still 100 million trees cut down for the production of bulk mail. That equals out to about one whole tree for every family in America.
A good average for return from direct mail is 2%, and is largely the reason why direct mail enrages so many people.
Only 36% of the mail sent to the dump is recycled, even though most of the bulk mail is recycle friendly. We need to do more as a nation to step up or recycling habits, on all fronts including paper.
As far as our daily activities go, receiving direct mail actually ranks far at the bottom of how harmful it is for the environment. However, with so much mail going unopened we can still do more to make it less harmful.

Not only is junk mail a complete annoyance, it’s bad for the environment too. Why should we sacrifice our precious trees, energy, and ozone to create something that many people don’t even want in the first place? Marketers can argue that direct mail is a successful advertising tactic, and that it ‘s more cost effective than both T.V. adds and radio adds  but as this old TIME article points out – a whole lot of it goes  unopened.

Read more.

Junk Mail is Hazardous to Your Credit Score

An unprotected mailbox is like a treasure chest for identity thieves.

“One of the biggest methods of capturing consumer information [for identity theft] is getting it out of the garbage or mailbox,” according to credit expert John Ulzheimer.

Identity thieves aren’t looking for birthday cards from your grandma. It’s unsolicited credit card and insurance offers (a.k.a. junk mail) that are valuable to them. These offers often include personal information that can be used to open false credit lines and bank accounts in your name.

Read more.

Let’s Get Rid of the “Junk” in Junk Mail.

Is all junk mail junk?

A recent study by DMNews and Pitney Bowes shows that more than 75 percent of consumers prefer to receive coupons in the mail. Coupons delivered by email came in second, while newspaper inserts were the least popular of the three forms.

The study is another reminder that the quest to reduce direct mail waste must involve a thoughtful solution.